About the project

Project Title: Civil society in conflict resolution process: the EU experience for Ukraine (101084973 — EURoCoRP — ERASMUS-JMO-2022-HEI-TCH-RSCH)

Timing of the Project: 01.11.2022-31.10.2025

Project budget: 14,000.00 euros

Project Coordinator: The National University of Ostroh Academy

About the Project:

This Project aims to promote the EU values of civil society in the conflict resolution process and increase awareness about the present conflicts hybrid type.

Specific objectives are:

  • to activate discussions about current conflicts hybrid type between the academic world and broad audiences, especially media, local policymakers, representatives of amalgamated communities of Rivne and Khmelnytskyi by providing three roundtables with EU speakers;
  • to remote excellence in teaching and research in the field of EU studies worldwide by preparation of 3 courses “Hybrid conflicts as a threat to security systems,” “Activism in cyberspace as a hybrid threats counter,” and “Civil society in resolving modern conflicts” (15 ECTS) for not less than 75 BA students;
  • to generate knowledge about civil society in the field of conflict resolution process through research activities in this field by preparing 2 peer-reviewed articles;
  • to strengthen the role of the EU as a political actor in the conflict resolution process by providing 10 planned project events, especially in Three International Conferences “The problem of cultural identity in the situation of contemporary dialogue of cultures” and the International Conference “Civil society in conflict resolution process: the EU experience for Ukraine” with EU speakers (not less than 200 people will take part);
  • to build a stronger project team, who receive the ability to adapt EU experience at local and regional levels for sustainable development of project deliverables, as well as for future ideas and plans;
  • to increase the number of information products on the topic of civil society in the conflict resolution process in the project implementation process by creating 3 didactic materials;
  • to provide information dissemination and promotion of project activities and results among the citizens of Ukraine by spreading 3 types of this Project’s deliverables (website, MOOC and Textbook) to a wider audience.